I don't much mind if it rains or snows,
'cos I've got a lot of honey on my nice new nose!
I don't much care if it snows or thaws,
'cos I've got a lot of honey on my nice new paws!

The Bee Cemetery was a participatory project, which invited the exhibition visitors to write down a wish and to put it into a transparent zip-lock bag, along with a small token of their desire. They were then asked to bury the wish in the sandy area of the Bee Cemetery and to place a lit tea light above it. I would visit the Cemetery daily to dig up the new wishes and then mount them on the 'Wunschwand' (wishing wall).

The paintings were my first in 10 years. They were completed in a very emotionally turbulent 2-week period.

'Sig's Pure Honey' is the result of an opening-night performance-action, if you'd like to know more about this then feel free to contact me or read my book 'The Day the Women Stopped Listening' when it finally comes out.

'Honig' took place at the now legendary Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin-Mitte.