I don't much mind if it rains or snows,
'cos I've got a lot of honey on my nice new nose!
I don't much care if it snows or thaws,
'cos I've got a lot of honey on my nice new paws!

The Bee Cemetery was a participatory project, which invited the exhibition visitors to write down a wish and to put it into a transparent zip-lock bag, along with a small token of their desire. They were then asked to bury the wish in the sandy area of the Bee Cemetery and to place a lit tea light above it. I would visit the Cemetery daily to dig up the new wishes and then mount them on the 'Wunschwand' (wishing wall).

'Sig's Pure Honey' is a mysterious elixir. More will be revealed when my book, 'The Day the Women Stopped Listening' finally comes out.

'Honig' was staged at the legendary Kunsthaus Tacheles in Mitte, Berlin.