My work concerns the darkness behind the ordinary, the hidden behind the seen. My practice draws on psychology, pop culture, politics, and the occult, journeying the murky borders of our culture of excess. Weird humour, the carnivalesque and the macabre are at play, bringing us a warped alien perspective.

Using diverse media and techniques, I create artworks in series and develop low-key participatory projects. My work is intentionally accessible, containing masked layers of meaning, designed to tap into your subconscious mind.

‘A staggering array of exceedingly beautiful, powerful, subversive and disturbing yet darkly comic work... Sig Waller belongs to that small body of contemporary artists who have something important to say.’

—Dangerous Minds

‘Freely embracing the darkness, Waller's transgressive visions are satirical and captivating, smart and alluring.’


‘Sinnbilder für ein unsinniges Weltgeschehen, Visionen des Horrors, Allegorien auf eine ferngesteuerte Welt, in der jeder Anspruch auf Kindlichkeit besetzt ist. ’

—Die Welt

Sig Waller

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